American Democracy faces an imminent threat. Research shows that fewer and fewer Americans maintain faith in our Democratic system and its founding principles. The 90% of young Americans who in the 1930s considered living in a Democracy absolutely “essential,” has today fallen to just 31%. In fact, one quarter of those under the age of 37 now think Democracy is a “bad” or “very bad” way of running the country. What’s more, a majority of Americans under the age of 60 feel it is not essential to live in a democracy and twice the percentage of college freshmen today (compared to the 1960s, 70s, and 80s) support banning extreme speakers. To add to this crisis, the US currently (2018) ranks 25th among Democracies and is categorized as a “flawed Democracy.” We must take action now to stress that our Democracy is the only governmental system capable of providing freedom, prosperity and peace with any regularity.

The American Democracy Month Council seeks to strengthen American Democracy by placing the imprimatur of the US government on the creation and implementation of an official National Democracy Month during September of every year. This month will provide a broad and intense focus on the status of America’s Democracy. Throughout the year, in an effort to familiarize Americans with the historic importance of our democratic system we will partner with: (1) some of the world’s largest and most effective social media and traditional communications networks; and (2) the singular grassroots and communications network reaching over 90 million people a day with vital governmental information—the 535 U.S. Senators and Members of the House and their staff of 10,000. By doing so, we can nurture a broader understanding of Democracy and restore its widespread support.

Four former US Senate Majority leaders along with some of the most well respected stewards of American Democracy have come together to serve on the American Democracy Month Council to facilitate the following:

Creating an Extensive Outreach through social media, schools, op-eds and PSA campaigns, working with Senators, Members, other leaders and celebrities

Involving in Continuous Dialogue current and former Members of Congress, former US Presidents and Vice Presidents, and Young Leaders who have already begun the discussion of our Democracy crisis.

Creating Congressional Hearings to highlight the causes of decline and goals for restoring Democracy in America

Establishing Washington’s Annual National Democracy Award, named after Dole, Mitchell, Daschle and Lott, at a prestigious event focused on the organization’s ideals and its overall leaders and success

Organizing High Profile Symposia on Capitol Hill focused on assessing Democracy’s pillars featuring academicians, policymakers, and other leaders in that particular field

Arranging Noted Democracy Lectures by some of America’s giants of business and government

Moving as Many Senators as Possible to Help Reeducate Their Constituents about the essential nature of the elements of Democracy

Providing an Annual Platform and Spotlight for numerous pro-democracy activities and research.

As Senators and Members remind citizens that Democracy urges the treatment of political adversaries as “opponents” not “enemies”, the entire country will benefit as this lesson provides a valuable reminder for all, government officials included.

“The practice of democracy is not passed down through the gene pool. It must be taught and learned anew by each generation of citizens.”

–Sandra Day O’Connor, Former Supreme Court Justice

“As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is twilight. And it is in such air that we must be most aware of change – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”

–The Honorable William O. Douglas
Longest serving Supreme Court Justice in US History

As our country soon reaches our 250th year of democracy, the time after which democracy failed in ancient Greece where it was founded, surveys show that without our noticing our beacon that led humankind to freedom and prosperity has entered Douglas’ twilight. Too many beneficiaries of democracy are casting away democratic pillars of freedom and unwittingly moving toward what might unfortunately be our default position – ‘victims of darkness.’ We must right our ship and steady our course at once if we are to maintain our place in civilization.